Special Event Ice, LLC

Ice Products We Carry

At Special Event Ice, LLC., we specialize in providing high-quality ice products for all your needs. Our offerings include 7lb bags of cubed ice, packed 6 bags per sleeve and 330 bags per pallet, and heavier 40lb bags, with 54 bags per pallet. Our services are available for you round the clock, 24/7, ensuring we can cater to your needs at any time. We also offer ice delivery services across New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania!

Event Ice Solutions Tailored to You!

No matter what your emergency is, we can fulfill your event ice needs. We provide ice for special events of all sizes, from small events such as weddings to larger events such as a sporting event or concert. Out-of-ice emergencies fit right into what we can provide for you.

If you're in need of special event ice, simply use the quote form provided for you, or you can call us during business hours at (888) 788-9034.

Special Event Ice, LLC