Special Event Ice, LLC

Ice Merchandiser Rentals

Special Event Ice, LLC offers excellent ice solutions for all your events, anytime, anywhere. Whether it's a wedding, concert, or unexpected ice crisis, our dedicated team guarantees a seamless supply of high-quality ice for your event's success. Our round-the-clock service ensures your ice needs are met promptly and professionally, delivering both bulk and packaged ice with precision and care. So, sit back, relax, and let us handle the cooling at your event.

For ice tailored to your special occasion, contact us for a quote or call us at (888) 788-9034 during business hours.

Ice Freezer Cold Storage Rentals

Special Event Ice, LLC's transport can be used for virtually any purpose, from delivery, storage, promotions, and special events, anywhere.

All models are totally steel-constructed, and the exterior has the highest performance pre-coated metal paint finish.

Refrigeration systems are installed for standard ice storage and delivery, or can be changed to accommodate -10 or +35 temperature environments. Special Event Ice, LLC's transport and storage units are designed for various usage and temperature requirements.

Special Event Ice, LLC

Portable Water Dispensing Tanks

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Our water dispensing tank is lightweight and stackable for easy transport, which makes this portable self-serving bulk water dispenser a must-have at any outdoor or sporting event!

Our portable water dispensers offer a refreshing solution for event managers and volunteers!

With six self-closing spigots for easy accessibility and various add-on accessories for flag placement, this portable water tank is easy to find in the crowd.

It holds up to 125 gallons! Which provides over 1,000 16-ounce water bottles!

So, if you are hosting a marathon or an outdoor concert, these portable water dispensing tanks are worth having at your next event!

Event Hydration Solutions

Our food-grade portable water dispensing tanks are perfect for:

  • Providing a Water Supply Source to Large Outdoor Crowds
  • Simplifying Water Aid Stations
  • Eliminating Heavy Water Lifting
  • Reducing Plastic Bottle Waste
  • Large Crowd Events
  • Marathons
  • Outdoor Concerts

Additional Services

  • Ice
  • Cups
  • Tables
  • Misting Tents
  • Temporary Freezer/Merchandiser
  • Generator Rental
  • Trash Removal
  • Aid Station Trash Removal

Insulator Wraps

Help keep your iced water cold on those scorching summer days. You can also post your logo or place advertising banners to generate additional revenue.

Special Event Ice, LLC
Special Event Ice, LLC

Dual Hose Splitter

Filling cups at a water aid station has never been faster or easier! Our gravity-fed food-grade hose system minimizes the laborious task of filling cups. Covering a distance of 25 feet, you can fill 3,000 cups from a single dispensing tank!

Cell Divider

Your volunteers will really appreciate this clever device. Ensures precise and consistent cup placement on any standard 6- to 8-foot table.

Special Event Ice, LLC

Generator Rentals

Generator Rentals

Special Event Ice and Cold Storage Generator Rentals

We have many sizes available. Please call 1-888-788-9034 for pricing and availability.

Special Event Ice, LLC has increased our rental availability for any special event that may need the above in an emergency situation. If you need temporary freezers, emergency refrigeration, emergency cold storage, temporary cold storage, or a generator rental, call us today.

We provide customers with quick and reliable delivery, and we offer a selection of products from ice and generator rentals to merchandiser rentals for all of your emergency needs.

Versatile Event Solutions

Providing ice, cold storage, generator rentals, and supplies for all occasions

  • Power Emergencies
  • Special Events
  • Entertainment
  • Carnivals
  • Restaurants
  • Labs
  • Schools
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ice Machine Breakdown
  • Catering Events
  • Sports Events
  • Manufacturing
  • Bakeries
  • Shipping
  • Power outage
Special Event Ice, LLC

Merchandiser rentals are available, call for details!

* Standard 110-volt household electricity is required for merchandiser rental.